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Luxury Tours Japan

Luxury Tours Japan focuses less on destinations and sights, and more on immersive cultural expériences which we believe will deliver a more authentic Japan experience and generate powerful insights and real connections with the people of Japan. To us, this is what “luxury” is about. The ability to have the time and opportunity to expose yourself to culture and art and somehow be changed or grow by the experience. It does not mean simply staying at luxury 5-star hotels or dining at Michelin-starred restaurants. To us, it does mean having unique one-on-one experiences with skilled local practitioners to gain insights into their artform or exquisite craftsmanship. Or staying at accommodation which offers something truly authentic and unique. Or eating at restaurants where there’s an unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality, regardless of whether it’s a tiny backstreet restaurant or a refined, centuries-old Kyoto ryotei.

Utilizing our strengths and extensive networks with leading artisans, makers and specialists across Japan, Luxury Tours Japan offer unique Japan experiences which introduce visitors to deep aspects of Japanese culture, not easily discoverable or accessible by those without the personal relationships built up over time. We are committed to providing impeccable service and we ensure their needs are met across their entire journey, delivering a Japan experience which we hope will be simply unforgettable and resonate long after they depart Japan.

Contact : Moe Okada – Regional Sales Manager Europe